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"Whether behind the camera or in front of the editing desk, Suzanne has an artist's eye and a keen sense of timing. I’ve had the opportunity to work with her on several projects - she is always a committed team-player, willing to put ego at check to best suit the project and always willing to go the extra mile. As producer, she makes everyone on the team feel included in the process, and delegates to the experts while keeping an overseer’s watchful eye on the final vision. It’s a pleasure to work with Suzanne in whatever capacity she is involved, as I know the final product will be excellent, and it will be both fun and rewarding getting there."
Chris Anderson
Composer and Sound Designer at Workshirt Music
Los Angeles

"Suzanne is an extremely dedicated and hardworking editor and producer who I would highly recommend to anyone involved in filmmaking. She brought fresh and creative ideas to the table every day and constantly made invaluable contributions. She is the kind of editor who puts her whole heart into a project and never looks back. She's easy to collaborate with and any director would be lucky to have her on their team."
Jonny Zwick
Television Documentary Producer at Bow & Arrow Productions
Los Angeles

"Suzanne brings an inventive point of view to everything she get's her hands on, which includes shooting, writing, graphic design and especially storytelling.  As a fellow editor and CalArts alumni, its clear to me the work resonates positively from her fine arts background.  There's plenty of the expected slickness and polish, but it goes a lot deeper.  Excellent musical and graphic sense, but with unconventional narrative twists.  She's willing to take risks and the work is more original  because of it. This is the editor who will come up with the stuff you hadn't thought of!"
Paul Blinderman
Creative Director and Founder at Editorial Production LLC
Los Angeles

"Suzanne is a wonderful director and an absolute joy to work with. We spent several days together on a documentary, and I was constantly impressed by both her vision and her ability to balance the needs/wants of the project with the practical situation at hand. Her past experience as an editor has made her very efficient-- she knows what she *doesn't* need and that confidence allowed us to move quickly and focus on quality footage that mattered to the story. The results speak for themselves, and I would happily work with her again any time."
Matt Irwin
Freelance Cinematographer, IATSE Local 600
Los Angeles

"Suzanne and I had the pleasure of working together on two projects for Jay Z, while I was a video director at WP&A. She was very quick to learn and take advantage of a multi-screen display we were using. While, most editors are fixated on the single screen environment, Suzanne understood the challenge from the start and delivered dynamic work on-time and in a very professional manner."
Jesse Lee Stout
Creative Director at Willo Perron & Associates
Los Angeles

"Suzanne worked with us as an additional editor and in the editorial department on two features. She was a huge asset to our team and in addition to being extremely reliable, she also maintained a positive attitude and a fresh approach to cutting that was very valuable in the creative process."
John Suits
Founder and Director at New Artists Alliance
Los Angeles

"Suzanne’s background in photography greatly complements her keen ability to edit image-based stories on screen. Her breadth of experience in various aspects of documentary film production prove her an integral member of the crew. Suzanne’s enthusiasm and ardent aesthetic are apparent in all that she does.”
Mae Thornton Mehra and Atin Mehra
Producers, Director and Founder at Orange Kite Productions
Los Angeles, New York, Madhya Pradesh

"Suzanne Mejean was recommended to me a few years ago for a position as editor and possible line producer on a documentary pilot I was making. Her hire (for both) was the best decision I ever made. Her editing skills proved unassailable–– her aesthetic modern, but well informed and her energy inspiring. She has a great sense of humor and tons of style.
If Suzanne is interested in working on your film you would be quite foolish to look any further. There is no downside."

Sharon Barr
Writer, Director and Actor at Alternative Media Productions
Los Angeles / New York

"Suzanne is an amazingly focused, upbeat and intelligent being. She is exceptional as a thinker and has the most disciplined follow through of any student I have ever had. Coupled with her ambition, drive, and visual talent she is unstoppable."
Abigail Simon
Past: Faculty at The International Center for Photography
Current: Thesis Instructor at New York University ITP
New York

"I met Suzanne while working on a large installation of my work at Los Angeles Contemporary Exhibitions (LACE). Suzanne was recommended to me as a filmmaker who could capture various views towards creating a document of the entire work, which included video projections, video monitors, and multiple sound projections. It was a very complex work to capture and what Suzanne created for the final document was complex, in a positive sense. She managed to create a viable document to share with curators, who would not have been able to see the work during the installation. Suzanne had great ideas, the recordings were top notch and she was incredibly easy to collaborate with."
Steve Roden
Los Angeles

"I have had the pleasure of working with Suzanne on several projects both as an Editor and Director of Photography. Besides being extremely and multi- talented, Suzanne is organized, efficient and willing to do whatever is needed to get the job done and meet last-minute deadlines.
She is also a most dependable team player! Her good judgment and mature outlook ensure a logical and practical approach to her endeavors.
Suzanne would be a very valuable asset to any project and I recommend her highly."

Agusta Einarsdottir
Director and Producer at Elf Films
Los Angeles / Reykjavik

"With precision and good humor, Suzanne Mejean Pinney cut the sharpest demo reel I've ever had.  Suzanne's unique background in photo and documentary elevated her eye, helping me select the best moments from my body of work. With an intensely rigorous work ethic, Suzanne wove together an aesthetic narrative to best promote my talents.  She made me look and feel terrific, and I would highly recommend her services to anyone who is ready to display their own work with pride."
Anna Rose Hopkins
Writer, Director, Actor and Chef
Los Angeles, New York

"When Thom Andersen took a year long leave, I inherited some of his mentees. In the case of Suzanne Méjean, I consider myself lucky indeed: I need to buy Thom a nice bottle of scotch to thank him for his generosity in allowing me to have some small role in guiding Suzanne this year in her extraordinary work.

Suzanne completed two films this year. The first, an hour-long documentary on army training for the Iraq war entitled Theater, is a brilliant exploration of the interplay between reality and fiction in a real-world setting. It'd be a remarkable film from an experienced filmmaker: as a first attempt, it is as ambitious and accomplished a work as I have encountered in 11 years at CalArts.

Her thesis film, Still Here, is even better. And examination of "flat daddies," the life-size photos of soldiers deployed in the never ending War-on-Terror designed to comfort their families. It is astonishing on every level. What could have been been a mean spirited exercise in class superiority or a simplistic political diatribe is instead deeply moving: she allows these families to show the difficulties of their circumstances without resorting to sarcasm or bathos. She explores the nature of these iconic images without theoretical abstraction, managing to make a film about mediation that never mentions Baudrillard and instead shows how real people use complex images in contradictory and unexpected ways.

Suzanne approaches her subjects with genuine curiosity and deep respect: to call her a humanist filmmaker is only to say that she is working in the greatest tradition of the cinema, and that I am deeply humbled by her accomplishments. She will only get better from here and I eagerly anticipate her career. I am thankful to have had the chance to work with this remarkable young artist."
Gary Mairs
Co-Chair of Film Directing Program and Associate Dean of Film School at CalArts
Los Angeles

"Suzanne is a wonderful, sensitive, bright, emotionally balanced, and creative individual. Her presence was a consistent inspiration to her classmates as she elevated the discussion and critique. Her ability to articulate theoretical and critical issues in contemporary art practice assisted her in the production of her photography and in the difficult work of interpretation. Since graduating she has consistently made new work and practices to study internal discipline of learning, reading, making and evaluating.

Autobiography and trauma informs the work of many young emerging artists. Suzanne is able to see the relationship between herself and her subjects in artistic and intimate terms. She has an intellectual and emotional appetite for engaging the familiar, the internal and the domestic in ways that simultaneously confirm and shift the viewer. Her results are "framed" yet can be felt without recourse to dense theoretical explanations. It is clear to me that she has the makings of a serious artist and a temperament and potential to contribute professionally to the field, either as an artist, professor, curator or producer.

Suzanne has an exceptionally rare human quality that allows her to bring grace and emotional sensitivity to others. This empathic skill is put to use in the search for method and expression and her art and in her interactions with people."
Robert Blake
Chair of General Studies Program at The International Center for Photography
New York