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Finally wrapped our 12hr film installation (6hrs x2) for The Autry Museum in Griffith Park and it is BEAU-TI-FUL. Sef's 30ft steam bent red oak bench is STUNNING and the dual projection of the films now with sound design by Chris Anderson are filling the space in such a magical way, you wont want to leave!
The official opening is October 9th. No one is expected to sit through all 6 hrs of the dual projection loop but if you have 20-30 minutes to chill out and relax in there you'll certainly see at least a couple of locations at different times of day. Enjoy!
I also have a few short films on view in the Mabel McKay Exhibition as well as some stills on the wall in the Human Nature Exhibition.

Had the extreme pleasure to work with Producer / Writer / Director Alexa Darrin from Riot Games on a BTS piece about the building of a giant wearable puppet, Thresh, one of the characters from their game League of Legends, which, by the way, happens to be the most played game on the planet, no big deal.
Once the video dropped on YouTube it got thousands of views within a number of hours. Coming from the world of art related documentary this has really never happened to me. By now the views are close to 500,000, what a rush!


The piece on Noah Purifoy's Outdoor Desert Art Museum, which I Produced/Directed/Edited has been nominated for an LA Press Club Award in the category of Film/Television: Videography.
My DP Matt Irwin and I make a great team!
Many thanks also to my husband, Sef Pinney and 2nd Camera Michael Blue who contributed to the stunning cinematography.
The times, they are exciting!


In addition to the National Park film currently in production for The Autry, they have commissioned me to make a series of short films on Pomo Basket weaving The Life of A Basket for one of the new core galleries (scheduled to open October 1) that will focus on the art of this particular tribe and its best known member, Mabel McKay.

We will visit the following Pomo Territories:
Cache Creek, Clear Lake, Bo-N-Po-Ti or Bloody Island, Anderson Marsh, Ukiah, Hopland, Lake Sonoma, Skaggs Springs Road, Gualala and Timber Cove.

I will also be visiting the Grace Hudson Museum in Ukiah where I will be speaking to two Pomo women and weavers, Sherrie Smith Ferri and Susan Billy.

Sherrie Smith-Ferri, a recognized authority on Pomo Indian peoples and their basketry, has extensively researched collections of Pomo material culture and ethnographic manuscripts in museums and archives across the country. Of California Indian descent herself (Dry Creek Pomo/Bodega Miwok), Dr. Smith-Ferri has authored a number of scholarly articles on this subject, consulted on, or curated exhibitions for numerous institutions including the Heard Museum, the Smithsonian’s Natural History Museum and the Museum of the American Indian, the Oakland Museum of California, the California Exhibition Resource Alliance, the California State Indian Museum, the California Indian Heritage Center, the Crocker Art Museum, and the University of Pennsylvania Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology.

Susan Billy is a tribal member of the Hopland Band of Pomo Indians, a founding member of the California Indian Basket-weaver’s Association, and one of few remaining artists practicing traditional Pomo basket weaving. Susan studied basket weaving with her great aunt, the world-renowned Pomo basket weaver Elsie Allen, for sixteen years. She is, quite literally, a dream weaver.


The Autry Museum has commissioned me to make a 12 hour film featuring the 5 major biomes of California. Scheduled to open October 1, the work will be a part of the museum's new core galleries.
The Atrium, where my piece will be installed is located just off from the spectacular garden, also receiving a makeover exhibiting plants that are exclusively indigenous or endemic to California.

The locations we will travel to are the following:
The Sonoran Desert: Joshua Tree and Jumbo Rocks
The Central and Northern Coasts: places like Cambria, Montana D'Oro, Big Sur, Timber Cove and Gualala
The Redwood Forests: Humboldt County and South along the coast
Mt Whitney: the highest summit in the contiguous United States
Death Valley: the lowest, driest, and hottest area in North America
The Mojave Desert: the transition from the hot Sonoran Desert to the cooler and higher Great Basin


KCETLink's acclaimed multiplatform arts and culture series ARTBOUND won a Golden Mike Award for "Best News Videography of a Feature Story, Series, or Special" for the segment titled, "Junk Dada: The Stories Behind Noah Purifoy's Joshua Tree Sculptures".

Produced, Directed and Edited by Suzanne Mejean Pinney, Director of Photography Matt Irwin, Additional Camera and Sound by Sef Pinney, Sound Mix by Chris Anderson Executive Producer Juan Devis and Producer Matthew Crotty.

Many thanks to NPF Founder, Sue Welsh, NPF President Joe Lewis, NPF Archivist and curator Yael Lipschutz and LACMA curator, Franklin Sirmans.


Check out this amazing piece on The California Grizzly Bear for KCET's Lost LA produced and directed by Laura Purdy.

Feeling so fortunate to have had the wonderful experience of working on it with her as co-editors! 10minutes of stunning archival material set to motion across beautiful pano shots of our state! All motion graphics by Alban Cooper. Thanks to everyone who worked on this!

ARTBOUND Episode 'Art and Protest' debuts Tuesday Dec 15th at 8pm.

Produced, Directed and Edited by Suzanne Mejean Pinney, Director of Photography Matt Irwin, Additional Camera and Sound by Sef Pinney, Sound Mix by Chris Anderson Executive Producer Juan Devis and Producer Matthew Crotty.

Junk Dada: The Stories Behind Noah Purifoy's Joshua Tree Sculptures

So proud to announce the completion of another feature documentary BREACH

BREACH, the first feature documentary film on Iceland's Whaling Industry exposes one nation's defiant and illegal participation in commercial whale harvesting.

Iceland, Japan, and Norway are the only countries in the world to continue this archaic practice at the commercial level. Of the three, Iceland is the only country to hunt the endangered Finback whale.

In fact, HVALUR, the single Icelandic whaling company that continues this barbaric practice, if given further quotas by Icelandic government, stands to wipe out the entire species of Finbacks – the second largest mammals on THE PLANET.

Ignoring international law, some Icelandic politicians, scientists, and businessmen believe these migratory mammals are their resource to exploit. Well, the demand is close to none and profits are minuscule...so why are they still doing this??

Played out against Icelandic Nationalism on one hand, and the recent explosion of international whale watching tourism on the other, BREACH reveals the contradictions, unethical and unthinkable decisions that allow Iceland to continue hunting these incredible creatures.

Narrated by Billy Baldwin.

Available for rent or purchase on Amazon Prime

Check out the film's website BREACHTHEFILM.COM for more information on how YOU can help make a difference.


My photographic work on military families will be included in a show at The Angeles Gate Cultural Center Gallery opening this Spring.

AGCC is a place of creative discovery, exploration and enlightenment, providing the Southern California community and visitors from around the world with opportunities for enrichment and education. One of 12 organizations at Angels Gate Park, a facility of the City of Los Angeles Department of Recreation and Parks, the Department's mission is to unify Los Angeles through art and innovative leadership.
Located down by The Port of Los Angeles, the busiest container port in the United States, Angels Gate Cultural Center is situated on a bluff overlooking the Pacific.

Show Opening: April 25th, 2015.
Angels Gate Cultural Center
3601 South Gaffey Street
San Pedro, CA 90731

From AGCC: For the 2015 exhibition year Angels Gate Cultural Center will focus on understanding the story of people who have served or are serving in the military. These stories are complex and rich. Through these exhibitions we hope visitors will gain a better understanding of the veteran's experience and how it impacts our communities.

I have also been invited to screen my feature film, Still Here (78mins) on May 8th. The screening will be followed by a Q&A with yours truly.


I feel so incredibly privileged to be working on this beautiful, dark and necessary film with Director, Atin Mehra.
Bulbul: Song of the Nightingale documents the life of a young Banchara girl living off National Highway 79 in Madhya Pradesh, India. Though only twelve years old, Bulbul already stands at a crossroads. The likelihood is high that her parents will soon force her into the longstanding community tradition of prostitution. Bulbul's tribe, the Banchara, have existed at the bottom of Indian society for centuries, relying on prostitution as their economic lifeblood. A continued lack of options allows this practice to persist. The film traces the contours of Bulbul's horizon through her relationships and encounters with the constellation of women in her immediate family and community, offering a glimpse of what might become her future.
Watch the trailer

66th Los Angeles Area Emmy Award Nominations Announced:

Gary Baseman: The Door is Always Open
has been nominated in the following category:
Bruce Dickson / KCET
Watch it on EMMYS.COM


One Hundred Mules Walking the L.A. Aqueduct Airs tonight, May 8 at 9 PM on KCET-TV


ArtBound Season 3, Episode 4 Premieres tonight, November 7 at 9:35 PM on KCET-TV
Keep an eye out for the two pieces that I edited:
Gary Baseman; The Door is Always Open
Preserving the Watts Towers


Artbound Season 2, Episode 3 Premieres tonight, July 25 at 9 PM on KCET-TV
Keep an eye out for my piece that I edited:
Radio Sombra: Live and Direct from Boyle Heights


Artbound Season 2 Premieres April 4 at 9 PM
Artbound Season 2, Episode 1 Premieres tonight, April 4 at 9 PM on KCET-TV
Keep an eye out for my piece that I edited and shot:
Incendiary Traces: Report on San Clemente Island Draw-in


In 2011, Los Angeles Contemporary Exhibitions commissioned Natalie Bookchin to produce a new work titled "Now he’s out in public and everyone can see." This 18-channel video installation weaves together found fragments from online video diaries in which vloggers recount a series of media scandals involving African American men. The multiple stories intersect around themes of racial and class identity and explore popular attitudes, anxieties, and conflicts about race. Developed over two and a half years, this work creates a critical context for otherwise isolated and scatter-shot online voices, drawing links, making connections, and locating tropes between individual rants and responses.
Check it out on LACE's Vimeo Page


Generation ME: Boomerangst
BOOMERANGST is a 30 minute pilot for a documentary series in which host Sharon Barr, interviews six prominent members of her generation. With humor and insight she uses the historical context of the Post-War Boom to unravel the mysteries of existence and the transitory nature of life while investigating the evolution of both social and personal change that has since shaped American Culture.

Interviews Include:
Buck Henry on the question of an “after-life”.
Mary Woronov’s thoughts on the Sexual Revolution.
Taylor Negron’s memories of “boogie boarding” in front of Mary Tyler Moore’s house.
Charmaine Jefferson discussing the “white albatross”.
Reverend Scotty McLennan explaining the importance of Social Justice.
Lisa Wolpe on gender identification.
This pilot offers inspiration to anyone who, however fleetingly, contemplates their mortality and wonders how best to dispel their angst.