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KCET / Artbound: Incendiary Traces

The video Report on San Clemente Island image essay is a contribution to Incendiary Traces, a conceptually driven, community generated art project conceived by artist Hillary Mushkin. Incendiary Traces is holding a series of site-specific draw-ins taking place across Southern California, as well as collecting related historical and contemporary materials. Artbound is following the draw-ins and publishing related materials as the project develops.
This post is one of four looking at contemporary and historic visions of the military-imperial Pacific landscape. These posts are in conjunction with the recent draw-in focused on California's San Clemente Island Naval Weapons Testing Range.
Artists and non-artist alike are welcome to join us at the next draw-in on September 29 at Northrop Grumman Space Park Drive in Redondo Beach. Geographer Rick Miller, crisis mapper Joel Myhre, geographer and poet Diane Ward, and art historian Jason Weems will be on hand to discuss aerial technological views while we draw. Further details will be shared in the next Incendiary Traces post on Sept. 20.

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