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L.A. CONTEMPORARY: Natalie Bookchin

Artist, Natalie Bookchin discusses her installation at Los Angeles Contemporary Exhibitions (LACE) Gallery, Now He's Out in Public and Everyone Can See in the larger context of her work.

The 18-channel video work weaves together multiple stories in which video bloggers recount media scandals involving famous African American men. Bookchin elaborates on how these stories—consisting of found online video diaries—intersect and overlap across space and time, often inflamed by mass media gone viral.

Links and tropes emerge among the hundreds of isolated and scatter-shot voices and individual rants to create a mass performance that explores current popular attitudes, anxieties, desires, and conflicts about race. The project examines the often polarizing narratives that dominate our media-driven conversations, informed by fears over demographic changes, tough economic times, and reactions to the United States’ first African American president.

A pioneer at the intersection of documentary narrative, new media and cinema, Natalie Bookchin has developed new forms of the documentary on subjects ranging from globalization, isolation and mass connectivity, to labor, technology, and online DIY dance videos.

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