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GENERATION ME; Pilot for TV Series

“BoomerAngst” is the 30minute pilot and template for the series, GENERATIONME in which host Sharon Barr, interviews six prominent members of her generation. With humor and insight she uses the historical context of the Post-War Boom to unravel the mysteries of existence and the transitory nature of life while investigating the evolution of both social and personal change that has since shaped American Culture.
This pilot offers inspiration to anyone who, however fleetingly, contemplates their mortality and wonders how best to dispel their angst.

See and hear:
Buck Henry on the question of an “after-life”; Mary Woronov’s thoughts on the Sexual Revolution; Taylor Negron’s memories of “boogie boarding” in front of Mary Tyler Moore’s house; Charmaine Jefferson discussing the “white albatross”; Reverend Scotty McLennan explaining the importance of Social Justice; Lisa Wolpe on gender identification.

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